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UNGH! "tokimeki memorial girl's side first love plus DS" Aside from… - Rpg_Goddess' Live Journal

About UNGH! "tokimeki memorial girl's side first love plus DS" Aside from…

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UNGH! "tokimeki memorial girl's side first love plus DS" Aside from having quite possibly the longest title ever... is extremely hard!!! OMG... I have played through the entire game three times and have yet to get ANY of the guys /bash face... WTF AM I DOING WRONG?!!!!!! I AM EVEN USING A WALKTHRU. /rips out hair like a crazy person.

It is also extremely repetitive... But yet for about the last two weeks it's all I've been doing with my free time (WoW does not count as "free time" it something I "have" to do) -.- as sick as that sounds.

I can not get my stats to be high enough for Kei, even though all three times I've had him in Tokimeki State and gotten his almost confession twice now.

I don't even like Kei that much... Initially when the game was in japanese and I could not read it, I liked him. He is cute ^^.

But after playing the game three times now, he is definitely not my favorite guy. I really really really really really really really really... really!! Love Sakuya-kun! :D He is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO CUTE!!!! KAWAII!!!!!!!!! Look wise he might be kinda meh, but personality wise... omg.... adorrrrrrrrrrrrable!!! :D

I haven't even met most of the guys, I've been single mindedly focusing on Kei-chan this whole time... ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH....

I hate Sazukazu... He is really rude!! BOO to him. Of course I only dated him twice when he got a bomb, so maybe he gets better, Kei comes across as kinda rude initially too. DO NOT WANT lol.

I like the teacher :) look wise anyways XD.

It kinda scares me that we can date the principal and he's like 46, and we start as a FRESHMAN IN HIGHSCHOOL!!!!!!!!!! /runaway from pedobears.... And the principal has a porn stasche... The only people who have mustaches are pornstars and policemen... or mario LOL... and hitler, I guess.



I dunno train of thought lost on politically incorrect joke... my bad lol.

Is it the weekend yet? It totally should be the weekend right now...

Don't want to raiiiiid.... /throws tantrum. Want to date cute anime guys lol
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