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I've been sick for about a week, today is the first day that I've… - Rpg_Goddess' Live Journal

About I've been sick for about a week, today is the first day that I've…

Previous Entry Nov. 10th, 2010 @ 11:28 pm Next Entry
I've been sick for about a week, today is the first day that I've felt "good" and still not great, have a small cough and quite a bit of congestion still, but its no where near what it was. My medicine makes me really sleepy/loopy/out of it... be glad when i'm done with it, come next monday.

It's going to be in the 60s or 70s starting friday and lasting thru sunday... And it has been in the 30s and 20s and even snowed last week... crazy weather... "yay" for global warming though I guess haha.... not that it's a good thing... but I like the warmer weather that it brings lol.

So I've been trying to "level up" at work lol. If work were a video game then I'd be like a level 1 new character, and running around trying to collect upgrades and skills to help me reach level 2 lol. I went to a meeting today before my regular shift is even scheduled, without being asked nor told to go... Well to be honest, I was 30% fueled by curiosity since it was relevant to me and my recent work on the website, 20% fueled by wanting to look good/kiss ass, and 50% fueled by wanting to make a contribution/show *genuine* interest and desire to be there. XD i felt shy at first and debated back and forth in my head if I would go or not, then hastily left home and forgot my glasses as I raced to work and entered just as the meeting was started and asked if it was ok if I joined them. I figured eventually they would have to schedule another meeting with me to go over the changes, or I could just go and listen to everyone's thoughts and use that.

I really do like my job. I am blessed that it is so close to home (about 4 miles down the road). I also like all of my coworkers. Even the office building itself is really nice and has a good "energy". Not that I'm really into fengshui or anything, but I dunno it's a very new complex of office buildings, and it's very light and airy, and new and shiny, and has super nice furniture. The only thing it could use is some art or something since it's kinda "Sterile" looking right now. Lol I should decorate my cubicle... but I don't want to come across as messy, so maybe I'll leave it blank.


In my free time, I no longer suck in WoW - YAY :D. I went from being dead-dead-dead-deaaaaaaaaad lassssssssst to being number 2 or 3 quite often now :D on damage done, and about 5 on dps usually on a fight to fight basis (boss fights of course). So my interest in WoW is much higher now.

I want more praise and recognition - I guess I never realized it, but yeah pretty much everything I do is for praise/to get people to like me/accept me/appreciate me - like I was saying about work. Well yesterday was really good at work, I finished the forementioned website changes, and everyone was IM'ing me telling me how awesome it/I was, and then the president came out of the office, and was like did you guys see the website, and then the whole office started buzzing about how much improved it was. I felt really good. It made me completely happy for the entire rest of the day, even after I got off from work and got home.

So lastnight the only other remaining warlock (there used to be alot of us, but they have all since left our guild or quit wow), told me "I don't know if anyone else has told you this, but you're doing great!" And began to ask me what I did to improve. so my mood was further picked up. - I wish my caster leader would compliment me. I know she doesn't like me, but it would mean alot to me if she recongnized me for my improvement. I have worked very hard and researched alot and increased my raid position (on recount) by more than 15 heads. - She is always very quick to scold/scorn casters who do poorly, and I admitt, I sucked big hairy goat balls for pretty much all of the "ICC / LK" patch. And even when 4.0 came out I still struggled. But I finally did it. I'm fixed. I worked very hard! I wish she would say wow! you really improved. I'm almost always right on the heels of the other warlock now, and almost always beat our mages and rogues... When before just a week or two ago even the TANKS were beating me /hides face shamefully into her sleeve...

BUT NOT NOW.... so damn it... would it kill her to say "HEY GOOD JOB TONIGHT, KRYS"!?... Le Sigh... Especially when my improvement has been very consistent and solid all week long... Like not a fluke where I just hit the charts once or twice... but damn every time... for 3 hours solid each night. Except like 2 or 3 times that I died... and somehow then even then I still beat some people lol. But I mean everytime that I lived, my numbers were wayyyyy up there... Me and the other lock are usually in the top 3 for damage done, which the caster leader has said she wants us to start looking at as opposed to dps. I know she looks at it, cuz she was on my ass for my shitty dps (not that I blame her, it was truly terrible), but I just would really like some praise or pat on the back... Boo... I live for that shit lol.

In other news, I decided to try to watch an asian "drama" (basically like a soap opera I guess?) I just assumed it was japanese, but it turns out it was korean I guess. But I am like totally hooked/addicted now. It's called Cinderella Man

"it's about a man who is stollen or bought as a baby, he has a heart condition and a rare blood type - he also has a conjoined twin brother, they have matching scars. his brother grew up as an orphan. oddly both brothers have alot in common (although Ive read studies of twins in real life and this is supposedly true, even if they are seperated at birth and do not know about the other one) These two both work in the fashion industry, one is a world class famous designer who studied abroad in Paris, the other is someone with a skill for copying/stealing other people's work from just a photograph, making knockoffs/pirated works. The rich/famous one's father quote unquote father at least, died and so the rich/famous one must fight to save his familys business, but he is viewed as weak in the society because of his heart condition, even by his own "family" and "grandmother" who is chair of the board and controls the stock shares. His father left him a note on his deathbed that he was sorry he never told him before but that he is his real son and that he must find his real mother who is still alive even though all his life he was told she died giving birth to him. He finds out he needs a blood donor before he can get his heart transplant, and that his mother's side of the family may be a match. So he tries to find her, but he finds where she used to work and the old woman there tells him she is dead and that she spread her ashes to sea. He doesn't know about his twin, but they meet eventually and he thinks because his "twin" looks like him that he can pose as him for the board of directors and stock holders."

That about sums things up... time for bed :)
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