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I had a really epic week this last week (from monday to yesterday). I… - Rpg_Goddess' Live Journal

About I had a really epic week this last week (from monday to yesterday). I…

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I had a really epic week this last week (from monday to yesterday). I won an award for my first dale carnegie speech... I did not think I should have won at all... There were AMAZING stories and I enjoyed the class immensely... I mean... truly amazing stories... Mine was VERY simple in comparison... My three favorite stories were

1.) A woman in our class was from Transylvania, Romania. She came to America when her uncle was sick with her Aunt in order to help him sell his house and move back to Romania where the family could care for him. After being here for 2 weeks her uncle sadly passed away. Here she and her aunt were in a strange house with a dead body in a strange country, neither of them could speak even one word in english. Luckily they had a family friend who could speak both languages who helped them sell the house. After her aunt had the money she told the girl "I'm going back to Romania. Are you coming?" And the girl said no, she is staying because at the time, Romania was still a communist country and she could not go to college there. I found it really interesting that people are still being oppressed and fleeing to America to find freedom and a better life. Just as they were doing hundreds of years ago.

2.) A man ran a 26 mile Marathon. He had wanted to run it for his friend who had just passed away from Cancer. His friend's name was Tim. He made it within 7 miles of the end of the race, and physically could not go on. As another racer passed by him, he caught the writing on the back of the other racer's shirt which read "I fought the good fight, I kept the faith, I finished the race". He explained that although he is not overly religious, he happened to recognize the quote as being from the book of timothy. Tim being the same name of his recently deceased friend. He took that as a sign, and found the strength to finish the race, able to complete the whole thing running, without walking.

3.) A girl about my age or a little bit younger got called in for a job due to union workers being on strike, she felt she did not have the experience or talent required, but as they led her back stage, they showed her two photographs and told her she had 8 hours to create a costume that looked like the photographs. She had no idea who she was making the costume for, and had very little time to complete them. She finished the costume, but the hat was the last piece and the band was getting ready to go on stage. She raced down the hall, and handed the hat to the drummer of the red hot chili peppers, and watched him put it on. Then she got to stand 2-3 feet away and watch the entire concert. As the drummer began his solo, the audience began chanting "ricky bobby" and she knew it was because of her costume.


So what was my story compared to all that awesome? I told a story about how I met my first boyfriend, how that changed me in many ways, but mostly, how happy I was, but how I took it all for granted, how I was too busy worrying about "What If" to enjoy what I had "now". But how losing him taught me many things which have helped me learn how to have a successful relationship and now I am newly engaged and been with my current boyfriend for seven years.


Which speaking of which, we are going to go meet with some wedding planners next week possibly. I had a peculiar dream lastnight about trying on wedding dresses; most the dresses in my dream were hideous, lol including one that was plaid WTFLOL!... I already have a very strong image in my mind of the dress that I want. I dunno though, because they look different on real people as opposed to models. I can't even imagine what I will look like by time I get married, I am losing so much weight - with tons more to go, I know... I have pcos so it was difficult for me to lose weight. I began taking medication 2 weeks ago after finally being diagnosed and I lost 8 lbs in 5 days. I'm still terribly obese but I am confident that I will be losing oodles more weight before my "big day". (I went from 224 to 216 - and that was a week ago, haven't weighed myself again. I don't want to do it too often cuz if I go up a lb or two I will be discouraged.) I began working out again, and even though I eat bad occasionally, I pay for it later - my pills affect how much fat my intestines can absorb... so if I eat something high in fat... I will be indisposed for.. awhile LOL... so I try to eat better knowing I will become sick if I eat fatty foods... Like we went to the movies lastnight.... came home and about died for 2-3 hours in and out of the restroom lol... Large popcorn = tummy doom D: Fast food and other things also run right through me. Not the prettiest way to lose weight lol... The pills also help with the insulin resistance and are supposed to help lessen the other side effects from the elevated hormone levels.


Changing gears/topics. So My week was good. I seen my mom and grandma for a lil bit while the bf was out of town. I got to raid in WoW on thursday and my DPS was fantastic. I was VERY pleased. My damage done was even better! I was consistently in the top 6 for damage done and in the top 10 for DPS.


Yesterday was also a very good day. Me and the boyfriend cuddled in bed for a long time, twice ^^ When he held me and looked down into my eyes as I looked up at him, I noticed how gentle and kind he looked, he was softly smiling at me and kissed me softly. His eyes were so soft and kind, and sparkled softly as he gazed down at me. I felt very loved and happy as I rested against his chest. We cuddled once early in the morning and again before leaving for dinner. We went out to a nice steakhouse that I had a giftcard for. It was really nice. (expensive though, came to almost $200 for two people.) After dinner we went to the movies and seen "The Green Hornet" in 3D. It was a really good movie. I enjoyed it. We came home and after being indisposed of with my tummy ache, I went to bed.


Now begins a new week. I hope this one is just as good, if not better.
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