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Rpg_Goddess' Live Journal

Truely, if there is a god of fate, then he is fond of plot twists

RPG Goddess
People have been impersonating me, therefore I am removing all of my details. If you want to know about me, you can read my journal.
16bit, 32 bit, 32x, 3d studio max, 3dsmax, 8bit, adobe, animal crossing, animation, anime, anime conventions, anne mcaffrey, anne rice, atari, atlus, beavis and butthead, bemani, books, capcom, castlevania, catz, catz 5, changeling, clamp, comics, computer graphics, cosplay, dance dance revolution, ddr, digimon, discworld, dnd, dogz, dogz 5, dragon seeds, dragons, dreamcast, dreamweaver, duckman, dungeons and dragons, dvds, earthbound, fantasy, ffxi, final fantasy, final fantasy online, flash, fortune quest, frontpage, furcadia, fushigi yuugi, gameboy, gameboy advanced, gamecube, gamegear, games, gaming, genesis, gestalt, gokudo, grandia, guinea pigs, harvest moon, haunted junction, hunter, illusion of gaia, illustrator, inu yasha, inuyasha, japanimation, jpop, king of the hill, larps, love hina, lufia, lunar, macromedia, mage, manga, marvel, monster rancher, morrowind, movies, mp3s, mummy, mysterious play, mythology, n64, nadesico, neopets, nes, nintendo, ogre battle, pc, peter s beagle, petz, petz 5, phantasy star, photoshop, playstation, pokemon, popful mail, ps1, ps2, quark xpress, quarkxpress, ranma 1/2, rennisance, rg veda, role playing, role playing games, roller coaster tycoon, roms, rpgs, sailor moon, sakura diaries, saturn, scifi, sega cd, simpsons, sims, skies of arcadia, slayers, slippery rock, slippery rock university, snes, sorcerer hunters, southpark, squaresoft, sru, tactics ogre, tales of destiny, tenchi, terry pratchet, theater, thousand arms, torment, vampire, vampire the masquerade, video games, videogames, webdesign, werewolf, wild arms, wod, working designs, world of darkness, xbox, xenogears, zelda